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WebElements and copyright

WebElements™ was conceived by and is written by Mark Winter. The entire WebElements™ package is copyright Prof Mark J Winter (sole author). The author hopes you enjoy using WebElements™ and find it useful. The author endeavours to ensure that the information within WebElements™ is high quality but you and I both have to accept there are still plenty of errors. A condition of your use of WebElements™ is that you accept the author does not have any liability for error or omission. Do not design any interstellar transport vehicles based upon the data you find in WebElements™. Many errors and problems have been reported to me and time permitting, I'm still working on them. Do please keep the error reports coming in!Copyright to some data (indicated on the appropriate pages) resides with those who compiled that data and I am most grateful to a number of people whose names are indicated on the appropriate pages who gave permission for some of their data to be published in WebElements™.

Please see the acknowledgements page for further details.The WebElements™ package is available for you to use but its ready availability does not make it your property and it is not in the public domain. The author retains and claims all rights worldwide. Unless you have explicit written permission from the copyright holder, you are denied permission to store, publish or republish files from WebElements™ or modifications of files from WebElements™ on any public or private computer or by any other means. However, you are permitted to download or print short extracts from WebElements™ for your personal use only. You may not create a database in any form by downloading and storing all or any part of the pages from the WebElements™ site. You may not design your site to incorporate WebElements pages in such as way as to give the impression that WebElements™ is your work or part of your site. Any infringement of my rights will result in appropriate legal action.The reasons for this policy are as follows.

I want WebElements™ to improve and I want to make corrections as and when necessary. I want you always to have access to the current version and I want you to have confidence in the integrity of the data. Only by keeping control of the distribution of the WebElements™ files can I hope to maintain that integrity.The exceptions to the this policy are as follows:

  1. If you are making reference to WebElements in a publication, electronic or otherwise, you are very welcome to quote or copy short extracts. The correct URL to use as reference for WebElements™ is https://www.webelements.com/. Please note that an acknowledgement of the source in the form "Source: WebElements [https://www.webelements.com/]" should be included whenever WebElements™ is referenced.
  2. If you are setting up your own periodic table service on the WWW, you are welcome to the source code for the periodic table layout provided you acknowledge WebElements™ and make a pointer from your site to WebElements™.

You do not need permission to make links to WebElements™. Please set all links to WebElements™ to https://www.webelements.com/. Please see the link page for further details.