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Atomic orbitals: 5g wave function

This page addresses the 5gz2xy and 5gz2(x2 - y2) wave functions. See below for links to images of the wave functions of the other 5g wave functions.

Schematic plot of the 5g wave function ψ5gz2(x2 - y2).

The line graph on the left is a plot of values along along the x axis. The surface plot is in the xy plane, with the x direction from right to left, and the y direction from back to front.

The 5g wave functions ψ5gz2xy and ψ5gz2(x2 - y2) orbitals are identical in appearance and differ only in direction. One can be mapped to the other by a 45° rotation about the z-axis. This is best seen when viewing both together.

Links to 5g wave functions

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