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Atomic orbitals: 1s electron density

"Dot-density" plot of the 1s electron density function ψ1s2.

This page displays the electron density of the 1s orbital as a "dot-density" diagram. High density of dots in a region denotes high electron density.

Using JSmol

You can use your mouse to manipulate the "orbital" in the "JSmol" image above.

  • Click on the JSmol text in the above diagram to show a popup menu.
  • To rotate about the x and y directions, drag mouse around the image
  • To rotate about the z direction (which comes out of the screen towards you), hold shift and drag mouse horizontally
  • To zoom, hold shift key down and drag mouse vertically
  • To reset the image, hold down shift key and double click ony part of the image not containing dots
  • Hold down the mouse button (Windows: left mouse button) while depressing the Shift to resize (zoom) the orbital
  • Hold down the mouse button (Windows: left mouse button) and move the mouse to rotate the orbital
  • Chime does many other things when displaying molecules, but these are not of much use here
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