Compound: [NiF3]-

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Liam O’Neill Mark Winter 21 Feb 2004 13:52 07 Mar 2004 15:34 636 Accepted

Compound formula

Central atom Formula Structural formula Isomer label Charge Formula weight Counter ionSpecific rotation label Absolute rotation label
nickel (Ni) F3Ni1 [NiF3]- -1 115.689

Classification for Ni

This compound is regarded as an extended lattice so some entries in the next table are not computed.

Oxidation number MLXZ class Coordination number (CN) Donor set Total valence electron count VE configuration Magnetism Block
2 d8 diamagnetic d

Contributed properties

Geometry about Ni Point group Spin (only applies to some compounds of some d-block elements)Distortion type Physical state Colour Melting point
Unknown not given


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Key references

  1. Housecroft, C.E.; Sharpe, A.G. in Inorganic Chemistry, (2001), Prentice Hall, page 522.

3D structure


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Other calculated properties

Isotope pattern

     115  100.00  __________________________________________________
     116   38.52  ___________________
     117    1.67  _
     118    5.34  ___
     119    0.00  
     120    1.36  _