Compound: [TbF4]

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Sarah Spinks Mark Winter 24 Nov 2004 18:07 24 Nov 2004 18:11 [36781-15-4] 1269 Submitted

Terbium (IV) fluoride
Terbium tetrafluoride

Compound formula

Central atom Formula Structural formula Isomer label Charge Formula weight Specific rotation label Absolute rotation label
terbium (Tb) F4Tb1 [TbF4] 0 234.919

Classification for Tb

This compound is regarded as a discrete molecular species.

Oxidation number MLXZ class Coordination number (CN) Donor set Total valence electron count VE configuration Magnetism Block
4 MX4 4 F4 15 f7 f

Contributed properties

Geometry about Tb Point group Distortion type Physical state Colour Melting point
tetrahedral (4) solid Colourless/white not given


Has UF4 structure Decays above 300 degrees centigrade to TbF3.

Key references

  1. Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds ID: IC - 018471

3D structure


Synthesised from either: F2/XeF2/ClF3 + Tb4O7 or TbF3 at 300 degrees centigrade.


No reactions yet entered.

Other calculated properties

Element percentages

    F     32.35%
   Tb     67.65%

Isotope pattern

     235  100.00  __________________________________________________