Compound: [SF4]

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Sulfur fluoride
Sulfur tetrafluoride

Compound formula

Central atom Formula Structural formula Isomer label Charge Formula weight Specific rotation label Absolute rotation label
sulphur (S) F4S1 [SF4] 0 108.059

Classification for S

This compound is regarded as a discrete molecular species.

Oxidation number MLXZ class Coordination number (CN) Donor set Total valence electron count VE configuration Magnetism Block
4 MX4 4 F4 10 s2 p

Contributed properties

Geometry about S Point group Distortion type Physical state Colour Melting point
trigonal bipyramidal (1 lone pair) (5) C2v gas Colourless/white 121 °C


Mass 108.0 Interatomic distances: S-F, 164, 154 pm angle FSF 101, 187 degrees. Toxic, strong irritant and corrosive.

Key references

  1. Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds ID: IC - 018462

3D structure


From SCl2 + NaF or from CoF3 + S


Selective fluorinating agent, readily hydrolysed. Stable in pyrex glass vessels. Violent reaction with water.

Other calculated properties

Element percentages

    F     70.33%
    S     29.67%

Isotope pattern

     108  100.00  __________________________________________________
     109    0.80  
     110    4.52  __
     111    0.00  
     112    0.02