Atomic orbitals: 6s electron "dot-density"

This page shows representations of electron density using two-dimensional and three-dimensional electron "dot-density" diagrams. High density of dots in a region denotes high electron density. The two-dimensional plot is across a plane of the 6s orbital. The three-dimensional plot allows you interact (zoom, rotate) with a three-dimensional electron "dot-density" models. Blue represents regions for which the wave functions are positive and white represents where values are negative.

The first image shows a two-dimensional electron dot-density plot of the 6s orbital. The second image is an interactive (see below for instructions) represention of 6s orbital electron density in three-dimensions.
Electron dot-density plot of the 6s orbital.

Data for both plots were created using a Monte Carlo computational method. You can interact (zoom, rotate) with the three-dimensional data using JSmol.

Using JSmol

You can use your mouse to manipulate the "orbital" in the "JSmol" image above. How you do this depends upon how you are viewing this page but the following may help.

  • On a mobile device experiment using one or two fingers to rotate and zoom
  • On a computer, to rotate about the x and y directions, drag mouse around the image
  • On a computer, to rotate about the z direction (which comes out of the screen towards you), hold shift and drag mouse horizontally
  • To zoom, hold shift key down and drag mouse vertically
  • To reset the image, hold down shift key and double click ony part of the image not containing dots

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