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The publication states: "The Ge center is offset from the centroid of the crown ether oxygen atoms. The closest germanium–oxygen separation is 2.195(3) Š.... The remaining GeO distances aresignificantly longer, ranging from 2.359(4) to 3.237(4) Š; this situation is likely a consequence of the larger cavity size of the [18]crown-6 ring being too large to bind the Ge cation in asymmetrical manner. The structure is also consistent with a stereochemically active lone pair of electrons on the germanium center pointing in a direction orthogonal to the ring..."

Valence Number (VN) = 𝘹 + 2𝘻 : 
Coordination Number (CN, sum of attached group denticities): 
Oxidation Number (ON) (Roman numerals): 
Electron Number (EN) = 𝘮 + 𝘹 +2𝘭: 
Bond number (BN) = 𝘹 + 𝘭 + 𝘻: 
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𝘥-electron configuration = 𝘮 – VN: 
𝘥-electron configuration = 𝘮 – ON: 
𝘥-electron configuration = 𝘮 – VN – 𝘲 from [MLXZ]𝘲: 
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