Compound: [PCl3]

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Phosphorus trichloride

Compound formula

Central atom Formula Structural formula Isomer label Charge Formula weight Specific rotation label Absolute rotation label
phosphorus (P) Cl3P1 [PCl3] 0 137.333

Classification for P

This compound is regarded as a discrete molecular species.

Oxidation number MLXZ class Coordination number (CN) Donor set Total valence electron count VE configuration Magnetism Block
3 MX3 3 Cl3 8 s2 diamagnetic p

Contributed properties

Geometry about P Point group Distortion type Physical state Colour Melting point
liquid Colourless/white not given


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Key references

  1. Greenwood, N.N.; Earnshaw, A. in Chemistry of the Elements, (1984), Pergamon, page 564 (1st edition).

3D structure


Phosphorus trichloride can be made by direct combination of its elements with the resultant compound dependent on the element that is in excess.


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Other calculated properties

Element percentages

   Cl     77.45%
    P     22.55%

Isotope pattern

     136  100.00  __________________________________________________
     137    0.00  
     138   95.88  ________________________________________________
     139    0.00  
     140   30.65  _______________
     141    0.00  
     142    3.26  __