Compound: [MnF4(OH2)2]-

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Compound formula

Central atom Formula Structural formula Isomer label Charge Formula weight Counter ionSpecific rotation label Absolute rotation label
manganese (Mn) H4F4Mn1O2 [MnF4(OH2)2]- -1 166.962

Classification for Mn

This compound is regarded as a discrete molecular species.

Oxidation number MLXZ class Coordination number (CN) Donor set Total valence electron count VE configuration Magnetism Block
3 ML3X3 6 F4O2 16 d4 d

Contributed properties

Geometry about Mn Point group Spin (only applies to some compounds of some d-block elements)Distortion type Physical state Colour Melting point
octahedral (6) not given


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Key references

  1. Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds ID: IC-018373

3D structure


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Other calculated properties

Isotope pattern

     167  100.00  __________________________________________________
     168    0.12  
     169    0.41  
     170    0.00  
     171    0.00  
     172    0.00